Getting a Little More Complex with the Gundams

By on Apr 5, 2022

Wow, that last post was a doosey. Anyway, it’s another week so I picked up another Gundam. They sell these things at Target and while I love Target, their organization and facing can be a little lacking, especially in an area that gets very little traffic. There are various levels of Gundam models. They start at $10 – $15 and then the next tier starts around $20 or $25 dollars. So far I have been sticking with the bottom tier. I grabbed, what I thought was another bottom level model but when I was at the checkout it turned out to be a little closer to $30.     I was surprised at the jump in complexity this model offered. The last one wasn’t this complex and I got that online for a reduced price. I figured this one couldn’t be much different, but I was wrong. As with any hobby, there are all kinds of things you can buy to enhance your experience. There...

The Devil and… well I have some thoughts…

By on Mar 31, 2022

  Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I was afraid of a few things. Dying in a house fire was one and being kidnapped was another. Closely tied to kidnapping was being sacrificed to the dark lord Satan. We moved around alot so the church offered instant community. It was like having a sports team that played in every state. Jesus was the MVP quarterback that everybody loved and instead of winning games we were winning souls. Nothing cements your love for your team than a good rivalry and the devil offered that in spades.     Groups like Focus on the Family told cautionary tales about how thousands of children were being kidnapped, abused and murdered all in the name of Satan. Satanists were lurking around every corner, hiding in preschools and daycares snatching kids to perform their rituals. Christian comedian Mike Warnke would end his routines with horrible,...

Another Week, Another Gundam

By on Mar 28, 2022

  Finished up another one of these bad boys. I ordered this one online. I don’t know if it was because I really wanted to work on that devil drawing or what, but it took a little longer than the last few. I can’t tell if it is waining interest or being distracted by other things.     I was more careful with this one, especially after the problems with the last one. I really wanted this one to work out because it looks pretty cool. So far I think this is the coolest one I’ve built. It also helps that it has a huge sword.  

Ol’ Scratch

By on Mar 18, 2022

  Hail Satan! There is just something about the devil in The Cuphead Show that I absolutely love. It’s too bad the show isn’t very good. My youngest and I have watched 4 or 5 episodes and while it looks amazing, the stories just aren’t that great.     I do adore everything else about the show though. It’s a real throwback to early animation. The character designs and animation are brilliant. I want to watch the whole show before panning it because the esthetics are so great but I don’t have real high hopes that the writing will get better. I am tempted to find out more about the game it is based on though.

A New Gundam Model

By on Mar 14, 2022

  I finished a couple of Gundams. Is it Gundams or just Gundam? I don’t know. I finished the one that I painted all black.     I was able to find a new model and was able to finish that one up too. I actually had a hard time with it. I cut one thing off the sprue in the wrong place so I had to glue it on. I also somehow messed up a leg connector so he appears to have one leg that’s longer than the other.     Still turned out pretty well. After my frustration with this I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing them. I don’t know yet. I have been eyeing a few online so maybe I’ll make one more.

More Gundam model building…

By on Mar 8, 2022

  I started a new model yesterday. Actually it is the same model I just finished. I went to a few stores to find a different kit but none of them panned out. So when I went grocery shopping I picked up another one like I just finished. I thought I’d mix it up a little with some paint. I had some black primer so I painted the sprue trees before I started putting it together. All black. It looks kinda cool. I’m not sure if it will stay black but I kinda like how it looks.  

Finally Made a T-Shirt I Actually Like!

By on Mar 4, 2022

  I have to say I am pretty stoked. We have a t-shirt printer at work and while we were making some progress learning how it worked, our results were disappointing. We just tried some new pre-treated shirts and that changed everything. With this development I really started trying to figure out what I wanted to put on a shirt. I came up with this…     It is a simple yet interesting design I did a while ago. It was inspired by Ukiyo-e art so I went to Google translate and threw “knit” and “dog” in the bottom corner. I know it probably actually translates as “umbilical” “fur animal” but honestly I’m not that worried about it. If there are any Japanese readers out there I would appreciate a better translation.     The picture kind stinks but it actually turned out pretty great. I know it is good because I...

Quick Pics (03.01.22)

By on Mar 1, 2022