Quick Pics (08.24.23)

By on Aug 24, 2023

Psychos in the workplace

By on Aug 18, 2023

We all work with psychos, whether we know it or not. Occasionally they will out themselves, but usually they will just fly under the radar. We have one person who likes scaring people with toy mice and spiders. The amount of time this person invests in this is truly inspiring. They instinctually, or through study, have figured out the most effective methods for scaring people. For example, while relieving myself in a shared bathroom I noticed a roll of toilet paper had fallen from the stack of extras. I bent down to pick it up. Right as I was about to grab the toilet paper roll I saw a large black spider. It was perfectly positioned so I couldn’t see it until I was bent over and a little off balance. I jumped, smacked my head against the wall but luckily didn’t fall over. It was a plastic toy spider but I didn’t know that. My lizard brain reacted and I’m luck I...

Rain Drops Keep Fallin’

By on Aug 10, 2023

Sometimes things just don’t turn out like they do in your head. Case in point, the above picture. I was thinking about this for a little while and finally decided to make it. I haven’t been making much art lately. I’ve been running again… alot. I am running 1,000 miles this year. It wasn’t a hastily made decision. I started the year in my usual fashion by not drinking and running 5K everyday but when January was over I just kept going. Fitting an hour of running in everyday is pretty hard to do but I’m hanging in there. I’m already about 2/3rds of the way there. To try and stay healthy and not hurt myself I’ve been sleeping more and relaxing when I can. All that means I have not been making art.     I finally was struck with inspiration and I ran with it, see what I did there? Anyway, I had this idea but when I put it all...

Quick Pics (10.27.22)

By on Oct 27, 2022

Finally starting to figure out how this works.

By on Oct 20, 2022

  I have some weird beliefs regarding food. They are border on religious. I think one of the most important things people need is food. Looking around the world almost every culture and religion has beliefs and ideas based around food. Whether it is fasting or feasts food effects us in ways that are profound and often overlooked. When I have a friend that is hurting or in crisis the first thing I do is try to get them to eat. It doesn’t make the situation better but being hungry almost always makes situations worse. After the first two weeks of games I was finally feeling comfortable in what was needed from me for the next game. First and foremost… candy.     While the girls really started to gel as a team the previous weekend, there were still some problems. During the first game the girls were tired and a little lethargic. During the last games the girls...

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batarang!

By on Oct 20, 2022

  In addition to the somewhat puerile drawing I just finished up, which will accompany my ongoing volleyball escapades, I knocked out a quick little project. My friend is going to be The Batman for Halloween and he asked me if I had any suggestions for making some batarangs. I just smiled and told him I’d get back to him in a couple days. We just completed a huge sign project at work and the stock we used was really unique. It was something we don’t normally work with. The stock was expensive so we were very efficient in our usage and the leftover scraps were really small so there wasn’t much we could do with it. Normally we would have just recycled it but I thought it was so cool that I hid it away in the corner of the shop until I could figure out how to use it. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for but when he said...

The second week of games and a growing problem.

By on Oct 14, 2022

  Let me start by saying I was a little hard on the head coach. He was just thrown into this, the same way I was. He really is a good player. In practices he demonstrates perfect form and he even does that thing where he seems like he’s chaotically falling when receiving a powerful serve only to have the ball slow in momentum and redirect exactly where the setter is standing. He was caught off guard by our first games the same way I was. We were both frustrated by our circumstances. Really when I wrote what I did about him, I was describing exactly how I felt, blindsided and a little clueless.     Kids are weird. Maybe it is all athletes, but all the girls were the exact same at the next practice as they had been the previous weeks. Nobody mentioned the games, wins or losses. It was a little weird for me but we just went on with things. Having a better idea of what...

Cactus Plant Flea Market Happy Meals

By on Oct 11, 2022

I’m sure you’ve heard about this by now, but there are adult happy meals at McDonalds. In a weird yet awesome collaboration, McDonald’s has decided to team up with Cactus Plant Flea Market.     CPLM was founded by Cynthia Lu in 2015. She was an image consultant for Pharrell. She built her aesthetic by visiting French flea markets and yard sales. She then started producing her own designs on Hanes x Supreme t-shirt blanks. Pharrell was often seen wearing her designs sparking public interest. Cactus Plant has also done some collaborations with Nike.     I don’t know how long they will last but I’m hoping to pick up a few more before they run out.