Inktober 2021…Day 6: Spirit

By on Oct 28, 2021

    This one was fun. Obvious Nightmare before Christmas influence. I was tempted to get really detailed in the moon but then I started thinking this might make a good Halloween card. I think I’ll make it all black and white except for a nice orange moon for contrast.     This is my favorite part of the drawing. This was one of those that I should do alot more work on but I’m just so happy with the parts that are working that I don’t want to screw it up. Maybe I’ll make some scans for the card and work it a little more. As for right now, things are really ramping up for Mighty Con. I’m still full of doubt but every once in a while a glimmer of optimism is peaking through. For better or worse, two more weeks and it will all be over. I have a few projects in mind once all the hustle and bustle are through, including a fun environmental...

Inktober 2021…Day 5: Raven

By on Oct 5, 2021

  What a disappointment. I know I wasn’t going to be negative but COME ON! It started so promising and just went downhill from there. My wife thinks I chose a bad reference picture, but she was just being nice. On the upside I now want to draw more birds. Perhaps that will be my project in the new year.  

Inktober 2021…Day 4: Knot

By on Oct 4, 2021

    Jellyfish have no brains. Whenever you see a jellyfish in a zoo or aquarium they have to specially design the tanks to have no corners, otherwise they will all get stuck in a corner. They just kind of drift along with no direction or destination. I alway wonder why their tentacles don’t end up in knotty messes like my earbud cords do almost instantly.

Quick Pics (10.04.21)

By on Oct 4, 2021

Inktober 2021…Day 3: Vessel

By on Oct 3, 2021

    Look, I know I have no one to blame but myself. Regardless, I have had Yellow Submarine in my head for the past 18 hours. First thought that popped in my head was to do a nice illustration of a Cold War era submarine with alot of detail and maybe some sharks swimming around it but I went with this.

Inktober 2021…Day 2: Suit

By on Oct 2, 2021

  Kickin’ it with my kid. Wasn’t really sure what to do with this one. At first I was thinking something with Spider-Man. I still love Into the Spiderverse, so I was thinking about doing something messing around with Miles’ Jordans and maybe a mask but we were watching Death Note and all the detectives are wearing suits so I ended up going in this direction. I was really trying to keep it as simple as possible while adding complexity mostly with line density. Pretty happy with how this one turned out.

Inktober 2021…Day 1: Crystal

By on Oct 1, 2021

    Here we go! Trying to start strong. Stayed up a little too late to work on this but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Tried to take on a challenge I didn’t know if I could accomplish. I didn’t know if it would read as a crystal but I showed my kids and they both knew it was a crystal immediately so I will take that as a win. I’m going to try not being negative about my stuff. I am too busy to get bogged down. I’m going to keep pushing forward and keep making some art.     See you tomorrow!

It’s about that time again…INKTOBER!!!

By on Sep 29, 2021

Inktober is nigh. I have a goal in mind but I also have a busy month ahead. In November I am going to try selling some of my wares at a small convention. Mighty Con is in November and I gotta get my booty working. I’m already starting to panic a bit. It’s a step I should have made a while ago but was too scared and lazy to make. I forced myself into it by telling someone who is motivated and involved that I was interested. Next thing you know, here we are. Anyway, here is the prompt list…     Alot of fun stuff on there. Every time I look at it a couple ideas come to mind. Should be a fun but chaotic month.