Rocky Times at the Beach



This is year 2 of amazing summers for me. Last year I was able to shift my summer hours to start early in the morning and therefore finish my workday when most people are going to lunch. That, in combination with a County Parks pass, has resulted in long days at the beach and plenty of fun in the sun. My youngest daughter appears to be half-fish and loves the water so I always have a beach buddy.



I’ve been amusing myself by making sculptures at the beach.



Pretty sweet, right? I should point out, if not evident from the pictures, that these cairns are in fact very tiny. Most are only 2 cm at most. Despite the National Park Service’s advisement against creating them, I’ve been making them all over the beach.



I’m sure some fascist park ranger has been destroying them after I leave because they are no longer there the next day when we return. I don’t care what they say. I’m going to keep making art to share with the world.