Quick Pics (03.08.21)

By on Mar 8, 2021

More Drawing and a Little Nostalgia

By on Mar 5, 2021

  For the longest time I was getting basketball videos popping up in my Facebook feed. I don’t even like basketball! I’m sure it was promoted or something and I might have clicked on one at some point which then flooded my feed. Well something, somewhere changed and now I’m being bombarded by skateboarding videos. I have no problem with that. Yesterday an awesome video popped up…     It has been forever since I’ve seen this and I love me some Firehose. I’ve been making some progress on my flowers too…     That was the start, which has led me to rethink my position on this drawing. I was a little disappointed with the start but now I am starting to like it more and more.     That’s where it sits right now. There is still a lot of work ahead but it has been satisfying. I’m looking forward to making...

Art History: Jenny Holzer

By on Mar 4, 2021

    Jenny Holzer is a neo-conceptual artist. She uses words to create narratives and make points about different issues and ideas. She became known, and still is primarily known, for her Truisms. She was like an early Banksy. She printed her Truisms, simplified phrases suming up large and often loaded concepts, in a simple black font on white paper and then posted them around New York using wheat-paste. She later incorporated other mediums and ways to display her truisms including projecting images on buildings, LED devices, bronze placeards and stone benches, some of which are in The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden outside the Walker Museum.     There are a few things about her work that make an impression on me. The first is her use of the public space. It has that spirit of graffiti art. It isn’t just about the gallery setting and it can pop-up or be found...

Started a New Drawing of Flowers

By on Mar 3, 2021

  Started a new drawing and I’m not sure where this one is going to take me. I am currently in the phase where I don’t like it at all bit it feels good to be drawing so we will see where this goes…     I’m not real happy with the composition but the inking has begun. I have some directions to go in mind but I’m not sure yet. I’ve been so busy with things that it has been hard to find the time. Sometimes life is a balancing act.

Quick Pics (03.01.21)

By on Mar 1, 2021