Quick Pics (09.18.23)

By on Sep 26, 2023

Still Working with the King

By on Sep 20, 2023

  It’s been a minute since I’ve been this excited about drawing. It isn’t the best drawing mind you, but I’m pretty fired up. It’s like reading a good book that you just don’t want to put down. It’s a feeling I’ve missed.     I haven’t had alot of time to work on it but it has still been taking up space in my mind. I keep finding myself going over to my sketchbook occasionally and just taking a quick peek at it.     It’s getting pretty close to completion and I’m already searching for new ideas. I’m kind of thinking it might be Hooty, the Owl House, but maybe The Collector would be good for this kind of treatment. One of the things I’ve been wanting to focus on more is fur. I’ve been spending hours just staring at the dog’s fur trying to figure out the best way of drawing...

Quick Pics (09.18.23)

By on Sep 18, 2023

All Hail King Clawthorne

By on Sep 12, 2023

  Heh?!? Yeah it’s been a little while. I got a little burnt out and ran a bit low on inspiration. Summer has come to an end and I’m starting to shift gears. We just closed out year two of amazing summers. My kids are getting older and more independent. That allows me more freedom in the summer to shift my hours and ultimately spend more time with them.   Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and school is back in session. The upside is I’ve been thinking more about art and drawing. My youngest and I have been watching Owl House. It’s a fun show. One of the characters, King, shares a voice with the bad guy from Gravity Falls.     He’s a pretty simple character and I had fun knocking this one out. I might try and take the drawing a little further but this is where it stands right now. I did clean it up incase I decide to color it...


By on Aug 30, 2023