Finished Marill

By on May 19, 2017

I finished this a couple of days ago. I didn’t want to just post some phone pics of it so it took a couple days to get the opportunity to take some nicer pictures. I had fun doing this one. Some parts were a little frustrating while others turned out really nice. I mentioned in the previous post that I like doing pokemon drawings because they are simple designs that are easy to customize. I picked this guy because my colored pencil collection is still a bit weak. I have the blues all covered and that is the Marill’s main color. It was able to expand my greys and then start my reds. I am still getting a feel for the pencils and the larger areas of blue proved to be more of a challenge. I was anticipating this which was why I started with the snake-like Dratini. I am still thoroughly impressed with the quality of these pencils. Even in the places the drawing became...

Marill Update – Ink

By on May 4, 2017

This little guy seems to be coming along nicely. I cleaned up all the pencil sketches after I took the picture so it is a little cleaner. I’m going to start coloring it tonight. I’m pretty happy the weather is finally starting to get nicer. I was able to get out for a nice 4 1/2 mile run last night. I ran the Pokémon Go app so I was able to hatch a few eggs. I hatched a Charmander and a Squirtle from a couple of 2K eggs and I hatched a couple of 10K eggs too. One held a Scyther (CP 1366) which was pretty cool but the other had a Pineco (CP 580). A Pineco out of a 10K? It only had 5 candy too. I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much after the Charmander and Squirtle but still.Milwaukee’s Best PrintshopOnline Printing

New Pokémon Drawing – Marill

By on May 1, 2017

I’m still building my colored pencil collection so we are sticking with the blues. I don’t know why I’m doing more Pokémon. I guess I like how simple they are and how it is to make subtle changes to make them even cuter. I am still playing Pokémon GO so seeing them everyday probably has something to do with it.Speaking of Pokémon Go, my nephew was confirmed this last weekend so we went on a little road trip to see him. As a surprise my brother-in-law took us to see a play. Being a surprise we didn’t know what to expect. It was a musical based on “Finding Neverland.” It was wonderful. The cast was great. The production was spot on. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a well produced play so the use of screens and moving images in the background was a bit of a surprise.The kids in the performance were amazing. I don’t know exactly what...

Booze Post

By on Apr 17, 2017

I have established that I like beer. I mentioned last year that I gave in and tried some seasonal pumpkin beers. That didn’t turn out too bad. There were a few that were, to quote “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” “quite atrocious,” but most weren’t too bad.Now that a new season is upon us, I’ve decided to start tasting the seasonals. I fell in love with a seasonal beer along time ago and had my heart broken. It was an Irish stout called Snake Chaser. I would look for it every St. Patrick’s Day and every year it would be in fewer and fewer stores. Now I own a pint glass for a beer that no longer exists. I’ve tried to find a replacement but none have filled that particular hole. Since then I tend to stick to things that are more reliable, but sometimes variety is nice. Now that the Spring seasonals are coming out I thought...

Old Artwork

By on Mar 31, 2017

So I was digging through some old files and I ran across something I totally forgot about. My brother was a screen printer. He and some friends started up a t-shirt/skateboard company called Head First. This was back in the days of Myspace. To help, I started a weekly art page on Myspace where I would take suggestions for art, do a preliminary drawing, post it, take feedback, and then produce final artwork for t-shirts and skateboards. I still have a skateboard I designed hanging on the wall in my office. This was one of the final designs from the request page. All the artwork was vector 1 color but built with vector shapes and trapping so color could be added. I learned alot about building production art and how I really did not be a professional illustrator. Milwaukee’s Best PrinterOnline Print On Demand

Origami Saturday – Princess and the Frog

By on Mar 27, 2017

“Lousy Smarch weather…” Homer J SimpsonSaturday was lousy. We try to keep busy. During the winter we often go to Milwaukee’s Public Museum. We get a membership so visiting doesn’t cost anything (at least at the time) and it allows the girls to run around while looking at things and being mentally stimulated. The only problem is our membership always seems to expire around the end of January. We usually don’t renew it until the following Fall because we also have a Zoo membership. We go to the Zoo all the time. Saturday was horrid. The temp was just above freezing and it was lightly raining or misting all day long. The zoo is great for just about any weather with the exception of that. So we took the kids to the mall. The girls like to eat at Red Robin so we often take them there for lunch, partake in an alcoholic beverage and then let the kids...