Origami Saturday – Princess and the Frog


“Lousy Smarch weather…” Homer J Simpson
Saturday was lousy. We try to keep busy. During the winter we often go to Milwaukee’s Public Museum. We get a membership so visiting doesn’t cost anything (at least at the time) and it allows the girls to run around while looking at things and being mentally stimulated. The only problem is our membership always seems to expire around the end of January. We usually don’t renew it until the following Fall because we also have a Zoo membership. We go to the Zoo all the time. 
Saturday was horrid. The temp was just above freezing and it was lightly raining or misting all day long. The zoo is great for just about any weather with the exception of that. So we took the kids to the mall. The girls like to eat at Red Robin so we often take them there for lunch, partake in an alcoholic beverage and then let the kids run wild in the mall. It allows them to work off some of their pent-up energy but doesn’t fulfill much when it comes to creativity or mental wellness. If they don’t have something to focus on they just figure out ways to annoy one another. 
After our outing we went home, put in The Princess and the Frog and folded some paper. Sticking with the theme, we made frogs and crowns. The youngest was all about the movie so she just sat and ate popcorn with her crown on. My oldest is starting to get pretty good at origami. There was even a moment where she was helping her mom with getting the fold right.
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