Paper Toys

By on Nov 8, 2016

As I mentioned before, we are doing some papercraft. Origami, but not so traditional. I had a phase where I made alot of paper toys. As a joke I once folded 50 chickens, packed them into a box and sent them without a return address. I never heard how they turned out and there was never a news story about suspicious boxes so I can only assume the people who received the boxes full of chickens just stood scratching their heads wondering what exactly was going on. By the way, if you received one of the boxes…SURPRISE! It was a fun thing. Small communities were created on the internet. Artists would collaborate and even release “special” and “limited” editions. I still have a folder on my desktop full of jpgs and pdfs. I made a few of my own designs but I never uploaded them or directly participated in the forums. I was more of a lurker.And then I was walking...


By on Oct 13, 2016

There it is. I finished the Fearow drawing. I finished it this morning with my daughter. We got up extra early so we could watch Adventure Time and draw. We were talking about Inktober and she wanted to post her #inktober picture too.Online Printing and CalendarsMilwaukee Printing


By on Sep 20, 2016

I like beer. Nope, that is incorrect. I love beer. Probably a little too much. I have a habit of making things a habit. This is something that I know about myself. When I take an interest in something I explore it to its limits. Beer is a good example. I will not drink Budweiser or Bud Light. I will not. I would much rather drink water. I will occasionally drink Miller, but that is unavoidable in Milwaukee. I like what is becoming know as “hobby” beers or “craft” beers. That is a bit of a misnomer, especially here in Milwaukee. We have a few local breweries that are actually quite big. MKE is one that I like. Their staple Louie’s Demise is my go-to. One thing I cannot stand are flavored beers or alcoha-pops. As far as I’m concerned Mike’s Hard Lemonade is one of the worst things to happen to alcoholic beverages. There is a reason they market to “manly men” and that is because no...

More Random Kid Stuff

By on Sep 8, 2016

As I mentioned before, I have no idea what or why, but this is what I found. Sometimes I’m afraid to ask.Milwaukee Printing

Old Sketchbooks

By on Sep 6, 2016

I was doing a little cleaning and reorganizing this weekend and I found a pile of old sketchbooks. You gotta love blind contours. You can tell it is old because I still had hair.Milwaukee’s Best Printer


By on Aug 30, 2016

NERD ALERT! Is that still a thing? I remember growing up, being a nerd was the worst thing ever. At the time older people would say, “Look around, all those “nerds” will be the people you are working for.”Well I wouldn’t say that exactly, but it is funny how popular things like Pokémon GO have gotten. The rise of comic book movies is another example. Speaking of geeking out and Pokémon GO… I am so looking forward to Friday. School starts soon so my hours at work get condensed. I start later and end at the same time. In the summer I can start earlier so I get off early on Fridays. The last couple weeks I had visitors at the house so I was going home to spend time with them. Now I have my last Friday to myself.I am going to the zoo. The Milwaukee Zoo is one of the best places to POGO in Milwaukee. I just got my hair cut, so I’m looking nice. I...