Does it hold up? …And Justice for All

By on Aug 25, 2016

I’ve mentioned I am a runner. After a couple years my runs have gotten longer and while I have a playlist that I use for my fast run days, I have been listening to old albums that either I missed or that I used to love. Some of them hold up others do not.I have always loved music. My older cousin would make me mixed tapes of music, “I had to hear,” and when I visited him we would sit in his backyard with a boombox late at night trying to dial in New York radio stations so we could hear new hip hop music. I moved around quite a bit so friends came and went but my love of music was always strong. My middle school years were spent listing to metal. When I first heard Kill ‘Em All I was instantly hooked by the opening riff of “Jump in the Fire.” …And Justice for All was one of the first new releases I looked forward to. I bought the cassette the day it came out. I think I wore that...

Swedish What?!?

By on Aug 16, 2016

I had to try it and now I cannot wash the “flavor” out of my mouth. I like Swedish Fish but I’m fairly confident this is the worst decision I will make today. Which is nice to get that out of the way so early in the day.Milwaukee Printers

Unseen Ranting

By on Aug 10, 2016

So one of the great things about having a blog that no one knows about or sees is the fact that I can say just about anything I want. Nobody cares and I end up feeling at least a little bit better at the end of the day.So I love to run and while I currently find it easy to keep myself motivated, I still want to challenge myself. I downloaded the Nike+ app for my phone and I track everything. While that offers its own rewards I would like to occasionally do some sanctioned events. One event I did this year was the Iola Trail run. I tried it for the first time last year and found it to be really challenging and it was a great experience. I ran it with my brother-in-law and we both had a great time. I had just started running at the time so I had no expectations and was happy with my performance.I ran it again this year and that was soul crushing. The run is in early spring and in some...

Pokémon GO Adventures

By on Aug 8, 2016

I’m still having a good time playing Pokémon GO. I sometimes get a little free time to myself on Fridays. Usually I will just waste the time, maybe do some chores, but lately I’ve been checking out new parks. I have been finding some unexpected things along the way. Eventually I’d like to look into things like this. How did something like this end up in a Waukesha park? Next time I go downtown I think I’m going to take screenshots of the various Poké-Stops so I can find out more about them. One stop in particular was a brick. A single brick in the side of a brick building in memorial to one person. I don’t even think there is a plack. Just an engraved brick.Milwaukee Digital Printer