NERD ALERT! Is that still a thing? I remember growing up, being a nerd was the worst thing ever. At the time older people would say, “Look around, all those “nerds” will be the people you are working for.”

Well I wouldn’t say that exactly, but it is funny how popular things like Pokémon GO have gotten. The rise of comic book movies is another example. Speaking of geeking out and Pokémon GO… I am so looking forward to Friday. School starts soon so my hours at work get condensed. I start later and end at the same time. In the summer I can start earlier so I get off early on Fridays. The last couple weeks I had visitors at the house so I was going home to spend time with them. Now I have my last Friday to myself.

I am going to the zoo. The Milwaukee Zoo is one of the best places to POGO in Milwaukee. I just got my hair cut, so I’m looking nice. I have nice clothes picked out, I even ironed the shirt. I find that when hanging out alone at the zoo it is best to look respectable. As a man, very little is needed to come off as some kind of creeper. I have a crisp $10 bill so I can get my ICEE. They have pour your own ICEEs now so I can mix up the cherry and blue raspberry, just the way I like it. The weather is predicted to be nice. I just bought a external battery so I don’t have to worry about my phone going dead. I’ve also started saving Pokéballs so I don’t have to worry about running out. If my team keeps the gym across the street I’ll also have enough coins to buy at least one incense. I might hit the iTunes store and buy three, we’ll see.

The only thing I have left to figure out is what am I going to eat. I thought it would be nice to pick up something on the way. Like a sub or maybe a burrito, but I just can’t decide. I think I would really like a gyro but all the best gyro places are way out of the way. What I do know is that the zoo really needs to up their food game. There are alot of restauranteers in Milwaukee, I would think they might like to set up something. I know this last year there was a special food truck night, maybe they could rent out one or two spaces and rotate trucks.

Anyway, thought I’d just brag(?) a little. Can you tell I can hardly contain my excitement?

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