Origami Saturday – Princess and the Frog

By on Mar 27, 2017

“Lousy Smarch weather…” Homer J SimpsonSaturday was lousy. We try to keep busy. During the winter we often go to Milwaukee’s Public Museum. We get a membership so visiting doesn’t cost anything (at least at the time) and it allows the girls to run around while looking at things and being mentally stimulated. The only problem is our membership always seems to expire around the end of January. We usually don’t renew it until the following Fall because we also have a Zoo membership. We go to the Zoo all the time. Saturday was horrid. The temp was just above freezing and it was lightly raining or misting all day long. The zoo is great for just about any weather with the exception of that. So we took the kids to the mall. The girls like to eat at Red Robin so we often take them there for lunch, partake in an alcoholic beverage and then let the kids...

Paper Toys

By on Nov 8, 2016

As I mentioned before, we are doing some papercraft. Origami, but not so traditional. I had a phase where I made alot of paper toys. As a joke I once folded 50 chickens, packed them into a box and sent them without a return address. I never heard how they turned out and there was never a news story about suspicious boxes so I can only assume the people who received the boxes full of chickens just stood scratching their heads wondering what exactly was going on. By the way, if you received one of the boxes…SURPRISE! It was a fun thing. Small communities were created on the internet. Artists would collaborate and even release “special” and “limited” editions. I still have a folder on my desktop full of jpgs and pdfs. I made a few of my own designs but I never uploaded them or directly participated in the forums. I was more of a lurker.And then I was walking...


By on Nov 2, 2016

Here it is. Our first attempt at origami. I thought we’d go traditional for our first ones. Here are our cranes. A little rough but not bad.Milwaukee PrintOnline Calendars