Quick Pics (02.15.21)

By on Feb 15, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day

By on Feb 11, 2021

Haven’t really done a breakdown of a project in a while and this was a fun, spur-of-the-moment project. It all started when my youngest got a little notebook. It was waste from a work project. We have to waste a few products when setting up for printing and sometimes I will grab one of these castoffs and give it to my kids, or even keep them for myself depending on the product. This had 3 or 4 of our client’s logo printed on it all in different overlapping positions. Nothing too big just really messy. She asked of I could make her a sticker of a heart to put over it.     While I was putting together the weekly shopping list I started doing little sketches. The sketches became progressively more complex and I settled on a design and drawing. It was an interesting little stone heart.     I decided to do a little more with it. I was going to clean it up and...

Art History: Shannon Sullivan

By on Feb 10, 2021

      A few years ago I was walking around downtown Milwaukee checking out some galleries when I came across some of the most beautiful ceramics I have seen in a really long time. I love ceramic art. The medium is so versatile. When done well it has a life and presence that painting or other mediums cannot achieve. I was captivated by the artist’s work. I glanced at the placard to see the piece’s title and saw the artist’s name, Shannon Sullivan. Wait… I went to college with a Shannon who was a ceramicist. I even have one of her pieces in my office. I went home and did a little Googling to find out that it was indeed the same Shannon Sullivan. She was a great ceramicist in college but her work now is truely spectacular.     Her work really captures the strength of ceramics. Her shapes are captivating and interesting, especially the way...

Recipe Time: Pizza

By on Feb 9, 2021

  Ok, so this isn’t exactly a recipe, or maybe it is I haven’t quite decided. The point is I made pizza. I made it from scratch. My dad gave me a tabletop mixer for Christmas and the first thing I thought was “Pizza!” I made dough at Pizza Hut all through college. It was a pretty decent gig. I went in early in the morning, made dough and then left. Most mornings I was still drunk from the night before. Awe, college. Anyway, I started researching dough recipies but my wife’s co-worker gave us a really great recipe as well as some pizza sauce to get started. We also ordered a pizza stone that her co-worker recommended. I was really excited, yet nervous, about the process. I made the dough a few nights before and it went really smooth. The thing I was most worried about was the pizza stone. It doesn’t matter which pizza stone you look at, around 4%...

Quick Pics (02.08.21)

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