Warrior Nation


So I did it. My wife went to the airport and picked up my mother. Her trip went well. She didn’t get lost or make any wrong turns. She wasn’t happy but she did it and I am incredibly thankful. I was able to do the Warrior Dash. I was afraid I wasn’t going to have as much fun as I did last year because I didn’t stick around afterward to drink and party but I have to say I still really enjoyed it. This year it was at a new place so it was much more difficult. They had a hill that was so punishing. Everyone was complaining afterward. I loved it. While last year I thought the party was the highlight this year the course was actually challenging and even included a nice portion that ran through the woods. One of our teammates lost her shoe and had to complete the race with one we found. There were laughs and like last year a couple in our team completed the course after training hard and never trying anything like this before. This only reinforced how wonderful my wife truly is.
Milwaukee Printer