Mickey Mou… err Wolvie Mouse

By on Jul 13, 2017

I was doing some cleaning and I ran across an old sketchbook. I started flipping through and found this drawing. I totally stole this from someone else. It was the header image for an article full of hand-wringing over the recent, at the time, announcement that Disney was buying Marvel Comics. I always loved Wolverine’s brown suit so I redrew the picture with a little older costume.

Marill Update – Ink

By on May 4, 2017

This little guy seems to be coming along nicely. I cleaned up all the pencil sketches after I took the picture so it is a little cleaner. I’m going to start coloring it tonight. I’m pretty happy the weather is finally starting to get nicer. I was able to get out for a nice 4 1/2 mile run last night. I ran the Pokémon Go app so I was able to hatch a few eggs. I hatched a Charmander and a Squirtle from a couple of 2K eggs and I hatched a couple of 10K eggs too. One held a Scyther (CP 1366) which was pretty cool but the other had a Pineco (CP 580). A Pineco out of a 10K? It only had 5 candy too. I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much after the Charmander and Squirtle but still.Milwaukee’s Best PrintshopOnline Printing

New Drawing

By on Mar 13, 2017

This is one of those projects that I dropped but I’m picking back up again. If you look close, you might be able to see where this is going. This is another one of those drawings in my sketchbook that will hopefully be a little more than a sketch.Milwaukee’s Best PrinterGreat Online Printing

Finished Drawing

By on Mar 8, 2017

Still doing line-work. This is a bit of a throw back for me. Young and dumb… well I suppose the dumb still applies. It has been a while since I used this “handle” and now I just find it cringe inducing. I’m trying to keep busy though which is the important part.I really just wanted to work on the background but wanted to put something in front that was simple yet interesting. I used to work on lettering for hours with no real results so I gave up on it. Now that I’ve been focusing on developing simple textures and lines I thought I would go back and apply that to my lettering. All-in-all I am happy with the result if not embarrassed by the content.So as you can tell I’m very focused on process right now. I think that is both a good thing and a bad thing. I think I’m focused on process as a means to let myself do silly or bad drawings. I have a...

Another Quiet Saturday Morning

By on Feb 7, 2017

Every once in a while the stars align and I get a Saturday morning to draw. The girls were content with their over-sized cinnamon rolls and new animated feature so I was able to scribble out a quick sketch. We were at the Zoo the other day and they had a new cardinal. It was a little grey guy the likes of which I had never seen. It is smaller and more angular than the typical cardinal. I couldn’t remember what kind it was or where it was from but while trying to find it I did find some neat pictures of grey cardinals.While in school I took a technical illustration class. It was a good experience because it helped me develop my observation skills. Just taking the time to focus on every detail of the subject. Trying to figure out what makes it unique before even starting to draw. I had a professor who would talk about how labeling things makes us lazy. When you look at a chair, you...

New Drawing – Fearow

By on Oct 6, 2016

While playing Pokémon GO I have been obsessed with expanding my PokéDex. The new buddy system has been great. Spearows are rare in my area but because of the Buddy System I was able to evolve a Fearow. I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks. I needed something to draw so here is the start of my Fearow. Updates to follow.Custom and OnDemand CalendarsMilwaukee Printing