Inktober 2021…Day 3: Vessel

By on Oct 3, 2021

    Look, I know I have no one to blame but myself. Regardless, I have had Yellow Submarine in my head for the past 18 hours. First thought that popped in my head was to do a nice illustration of a Cold War era submarine with alot of detail and maybe some sharks swimming around it but I went with this.

Anatomy of a Drawing

By on Jan 4, 2017

So I had an idea for a drawing. Actually it started with the desire for really expensive pens. Every time I go perusing art supplies I see these really expensive Copic pens. Some places actually lock them up. They are around $8-$14 dollars a pen. I have problems doing washes and would like to get better at doing them but I hate wet paper. The way paper wrinkles and curls when it is wet drives me crazy. That is the sole reason I cannot stand watercolors. I thought I would find some nice light grey pens or markers to add some new dimension to my drawings. I then started thinking about the moon. The moon has a lot of texture and would be good for experimentation but I didn’t want to just draw a moon. I did some sketching and came up with this.It is rough I know but I like the idea of dealing mostly with negative space. At this point, I’m a little worried that I will not be able to pull...

Happy Halloween

By on Oct 27, 2016

I finished my drawing. I just want to say that I am not a digital colorist. Colored pencils yes. Photoshop, no. Anyway, Happy Halloween. I’m dressing up as Finn from Adventure Time for Halloween. The costume is pretty silly so I’m excited about it. Here is the final picture uncolored.Milwaukee’s Best PrinterOnline Digital Printing and Customizable Calendars

Newest #inktober

By on Oct 19, 2016

I started my next drawing. My daughter is still into the #inktober thing but I can tell she is losing interest. She asked if we can do origami next month. I remember being her age and being obsessed with origami. My mom’s friend’s husband (that seems convoluted) was an engineer who was amazing at origami. When he found out I was interested, he gave me paper-planes that were so complex I swore he had used scissors and glue.My daughter and I went to see Kubo and the Two Strings and I’m sure this added to her curiousity. Kubo and the Two Strings is the latest Laika picture. It is all done in stop animation which is so remarkably beautiful you will swear it is CGI. Kubo plays a magical lute(?) that brings paper to life. It is a wonderful film. It seemed a little scary at times but my daughter thought it was great.Online Printing and CalendarsMilwaukee’s Best...


By on Oct 13, 2016

There it is. I finished the Fearow drawing. I finished it this morning with my daughter. We got up extra early so we could watch Adventure Time and draw. We were talking about Inktober and she wanted to post her #inktober picture too.Online Printing and CalendarsMilwaukee Printing