Wrong Number


A few years ago my wife and I got new phones. We had to get new phone numbers too. My wife wrote her phone number down on a piece of paper that I put in my wallet and I kept it there but never programmed it into my phone. She went out of town for the weekend and I tried giving her a call. When the person I dialed picked up he had a very deep voice and answered with a, “Yeah?”

Me: Uh, [my wife’s name]?

Him: Nah.

Me: I’m sorry I have the wrong number.

Him: [click]

I checked the number she wrote on the paper and dialed it again…

Same deep voice: Yeah?

Me: [my wife’s name]?

Him: [laughing] Nah man!

Me: Dang it! She gave me the wrong number.

Him: [laughing super hard]

Me: I’m sorry. Have a good day.

Him: [Trying to stop laughing] Hey man, hang it there. That kinda girl ain’t worth it anyways.

Me: That’s my wife.



I just thought about that interaction when I came across these wrong texts…

















































































































I stole these from boredpanda.com