Working on Sales and Stickers



I started making that next step. Started a Facebook Store page. Starting small with just new stuff but I think I’m going to keep pushing forward. I secretly believe that this is really an exercise in futility but who knows. If nothing else it gives me something to work on. Speaking of…

I finished up my inks. I think there will be some fine tuning after the color but I am pretty happy with how this is going. I tried something a little different and I’m happy with the results so far. A few podcasts I used to listen to went on hiatus for a few years but now they are all coming back. Normally I would be really excited to binge some podcasts and get some work done but both of my girls have suddenly become interested in art. I am not complaining. My youngest has the curse. She is turning out to be really good. Like, surprisingly good. Both my wife and I have said, “Did you do this?” several times the last couple weeks. It is exciting but I have to steer her away from thinking this might be a good thing to incorporate into a career. I still wish I would have been an accountant.