Working away…



Been sitting on this for a little while. Don’t really have much to write about. I did get a new Gundam which turned into a minor fiasco. I ordered it last week and it was supposed to arrive the next day but they delivered chair coasters instead. Not even close to a plastic model.



I thought I was done with this drawing but after the mixup I decided to keep going. Now we are just flying by the seat of our pants on this one. I have no idea where it is going at this point.



I did get the right shipment and I’ve started working on it too but I’ve kind of stalled for the moment. I’ve been in a terrible mood, if you couldn’t tell by the last few posts, which has led me to just waste time falling into tiktok and reelz holes instead of doing anything productive. It is amazing how those can effect your brain.



On the upside I had a sleep score of 93 last night! That means I’m absolutely exhausted today. It seems like every time I check my sleep score it is the inverse of how I actually feel. I wake up feeling rested and refreshed only to have my score be 23. I’m not sure who comes up with these things but sometimes I think there is just a random number generator that calculates the scores.