Waking up in 2027



There is a fascinating story that has recently come to light. A Spanish TikToker named Javier has started posting from the future or perhaps an alternate universe. He woke up in a hospital in the year 2027. He was all alone. He started walking around Valencia, Spain but found it devoid of life. He started filming his explorations and posting them to his Tik Tok account. Some incontinuity in the timestream allows us to see his videos now and even communicate with him. Valencia, Spain normally has a population of about 800,000 but not one person, or even animal, appears in his videos. He takes advantage of his situation by driving a Mercedes off an abandoned lot as well as taking a Ducati for a spin. He even visits a large soccer stadium, exploring the abandoned locker rooms and the soccer field.


This video is well produced and explains the situation really well…



This is so well done. I love the intrigue. Does it hold up to inspection? Not really. Even a little bit of thought can debunk it but it is still a wonderfully conceived concept that is executed extremely well. It is funny how fervent some of Javier’s detractors are. I, for one, am happy that I was able to take the ride with him.



Javier’s TikTok profile “@unicosobrevivente”