The Worst Project



This project was a real pain in the butt. Something went wrong at every point. The only part that went well in any way was the creation of the art. After that, it was all down hill. I had problems with the plastic stock changing size while printing. This is a common problem but in most cases it doesn’t matter but because the coins were so small and somewhat precise, every little variance and shift in registration stands out. Then when I cut them, the coins weren’t big enough for the vacuum bed to keep the coins in place so they would pop out during cutting and get caught in the blade. I had to produce 4 times what I needed just to get decent sets. The box I designed that kicked off the project was too big to mail so I had to resize that which then meant the condition counters were then too big…

I don’t even know if people use this type of thing. I’ve played Magic the Gathering maybe 5 times and the Pokemon Card Game maybe 10. This seemed like a fun idea but I am glad I’ve finished it. If you are signed up for the mailing and you get one just know that what you are holding is unique. I will never make these again. I did however figure out my next project and I’m almost done with it. It might take a little fine tuning but I am pretty happy with the direction it is going. I’ve posted some hints on Facebook and Twitter.