The Goomba Squad



It’s weird how things change and happen. When I was younger I was obsessed with graffiti. The tangle of lines, the bright colors and sometimes indecipherable text captured my attention. I loved when we would have to stop at train tracks and wait for the train to pass. I would wait, watching with anticipation for one car to flyby with someone’s tag. Usually I would just get dizzy and carsick.

In high school I started doing more research and doing a little writing of my own. Those were the early days of the internet. Before that all I had was a bootleg of Wild Style that I think I got from my cousin. Now there are endless Tumblers, websites and books on the subject. My oldest daughter is doing a graffiti project for her art class. She asked for some assistance so out came to books. We’ve had a few late night drawing sessions which have been really nice. I made some stickers from some of the drawings.



One of my favorite things about graffiti is how you can juxtapose the serious and the mundane. Sometimes a simple phrase can change everything…