Inktober 2020…Day 2: Wisp

By on Oct 5, 2020

I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated by will-o’-the-wisps. They are phantom lights that appear in wooded areas, especially swamps, bogs and marshes. They can be explained as a natural phenomenon caused by chemicals released during organic decay which is why they are more common in swamps and bogs. Travelers would see them at night and decide to investigate only to get lost or trapped in the bog, never to be seen again. Like many dangerous things, they became part of folklore and stories were made to warn people from following the lights. When I saw the prompt was wisp, I knew immediately I was going to draw one but I wasn’t sure how. There have been many depictions that I could copy or draw upon but I just did a magikarp and I wanted to do something that wasn’t necessarily just copying someone else’s art. We took a trip this weekend and while...

Inktober 2020…Day 1: Fish

By on Oct 5, 2020

  Inktober is officially under way! For whatever reason I usually start with a Pokémon so a Magikarp seemed appropriate. I’ve already started cleaning the final scan to get it ready as a sticker…     Feeling pretty good about things this year. I’m already having fun and I already know what I’m doing for Day 2 but I haven’t figured how I’m going to pull it off yet.

Inktober is Nigh

By on Sep 30, 2020

I will not lie, I have really been burnt out. I haven’t been as depressed lately. I had a bit of a rough patch for a while there but, while better, things have been a bit… blah. I have been drawing but I haven’t been very motivated. I have been picking up old drawings and finishing them off but nothing has really excited me lately. Now, however, Inktober is just around the corner and I am ready. I decided to get a jump start. I have my first two days planned and I have my goal for the month…     I usually start with a Pokémon of some sort and this year’s first prompt is FISH so why not start with a magikarp. I spent an evening drinking and drawing, working and reworking and I am pretty happy with the direction this is going. It has been a while since I was excited about a drawing. I could not wait to get back to it last night…    ...