Summer has arrived and a new Gundam is in process.



Summer has arrived. First week was a blast! I am a subtle shade of pink and my showers are excruciating. You never really know how burnt you are until that hot water comes raining down. The kids started Summer School but we are still going hard. I’m trying to pack in as many good times as possible and the kids are going to be begging to go back to school once it’s over.



I have also stepped up the Gundam building too. All the Gundams I’ve built so far have been HG or High Grade. Well I decided to step up to the next tier RG or Real Grade. These are alot like HG but they have an internal structure that makes them more posable and structurally sound. More pieces too.



The instruction booklet is not just a folded up single piece of paper. This one is a small booklet that is half folded with staples. Pretty fancy. I started work on it this weekend and only finished the legs. So far I am pretty impressed. Even the toes bend.



The Summer of Fun™ has arrived and I’m a little tired but so far it has been a blast! Oh, and just in time for fresh corn-on-the-cob, I’ve perfected my Mexican Street Corn. I was a little unsure of my recipe until I ordered it at a fancy Mexican restaurant that we frequent. Not to toot my own horn but mine was considerably better and, what beats that, my kids don’t refuse to eat it.