Some Decorations



We made some decorations for the house. Trying to keep busy. My oldest daughter is starting to show some real talent so I couldn’t be outdone! Honestly I’m not a very competitive person but it is a good motivator and it makes my daughter feel good that she is making art that makes me jealous.



I even made a little structure inside them that holds a tea light but the construction paper is very opaque so they don’t light up that well. It was a fun project though. Both of my girls were entertained for hours. My oldest made 2 sets. This is the one that she made first that inspired me.



Once she saw how they would turn out she really got into it. She made another one that was Adventure Time themed and hung that in her room. Sorry I didn’t get a pic of that one.

My youngest daughter has started drawing monsters. She is really taking off as an artist, poor kid. She is really drawing some imaginative stuff. She just drew a picture of the moon this morning that was both amazing and confounding. I really need to have a discussion with her about what she thinks is going on on the moon. Anyway, this one is her’s.



We all had fun. Afterward we watched Totoro and had some ramen. We are trying to stay busy and have some fun while we are at it.



I really should start working on making good ramen. Perhaps that will be a post in the future.