Just finished up the Seedot stickers and they are… Seedots. I am curious if anyone REALLY likes Seedots. They just seem kind of bleh. The evolutions are kind of neat but the basic seems like someone just kind of phoned it in. I was trying to figure out why I chose to do this one. It was mostly because of Community Day in Pokémon GO! but I think it had something to do with my walks in the woods too. I really like taking walks in the woods this time of year. I’ve seen alot of amazing things over the years, like the red fox that had me follow it down the trail. Every time I would think it had run away it would be sitting just around a bend, watching and waiting. It does make me worry a little about that old saying about being a runner, “It’s only a matter of time before you find a body.” Anyway, I like how this sticker turned out. The most challenging aspect was the coloring. It seems like every picture I looked at the colors were a little different so I am happy with how mine turned out. I had to do a surprising amount of blending to get them where I did. I am still amazed at how much better quality colored pencils perform. I used Crayola for years and swore by them, until I found higher quality pencils. Building my collection was what got me started on drawing Pokémon in the first place. Their limited color palette made it easy to just buy two or three pencils at a time and slowing grow my collection. This was the first one I did…



That seems like forever ago now. I gave that away and I wish I had done a better scan. I’m going to have to do another one soon and make some stickers and bookmarks. Well I guess I just figured out my next sticker.