Running Again


I haven’t ran in almost 4 months. There was a combination of reasons. When Covid struck I was in my bad allergy season. I always have a problem running during that time. While the weather is perfect, somewhat cool and crisp, my allergies act up and I am always congested. I usually spend all of Spring and the first couple weeks of Summer with a stuffy nose. I went for a couple runs but due to my congestion and transitioning to running outside again, I was having minor pains along my ribcage. This was just normal sore muscles which I normally am quite happy about because it means I’m growing and getting stronger, but in light of Covid-19 I was convinced I was surely going to die. I’m not normally a hypochondriac but the alarmism in general society had me convinced I was going to die. Days became weeks, weeks became months and here we are, not dead, but about 25 lbs heavier and every pound is causing a toll. Psychologically and physically I am devastated. I have been so focused on taking care of the people around me that I have been totally neglecting myself. I’m falling back on old habits and the results have not been good. But last night I went for a run. It was only about a mile but I went for a run. It felt pretty good. It actually went better than I expected. I might have to go for another one tonight.