Plinking Away




So much work and so little progress. I keep pushing forward. Really focusing on these frames right now. I am actually making them as a present for my wife. I am working on 2 frames right now, which is really bugging me because I usually work in odd numbers. It might be why I’m struggling so much. I started with 4 but I didn’t have much room so I went with 3 and then one busted apart when I was sanding it. I just made up my mind to add another to the mix. Anyway, I am going to print my current drawing on some wood and put it in one frame and do a picture of our girls in another. Not sure what I’ll put in the third due to the fact that I just added it now…



The frame I made for this is tall and skinny. I might have to get my boogie on and finish this up and make another that looks visually similar. I keep waffling on this one. It’s funny, I was just talking to a friend about how I lack confidence in my drawings. The upside of that is when I pull something off I really like it but it’s weird because it actually registers in my mind as someone else’s artwork. I look at it and think, “Wow that’s really great. I wish I could draw like that.”