Out and About


I’m on vacation this week. For one week every summer I try to take a week off and spend it with my oldest. We mostly daytrip. We do a wide variety of things. This year we went to a waterpark and then went to a Japanese restaurant. She was not on board for sushi but she loved the goyza and chicken tempura. We went to a couple art museums and had lunch alongside the river downtown. We hit the Milwaukee Public Museum and spent one day out at Old World Wisconsin. I will elaborate on some of our travels in the next few weeks but for now I just wanted to explain the lack of posts, assuming anyone has noticed or cares.

What is great about these weeks together is that we both do things we haven’t necessarily done before but we also do things we do all the time. For example, we went to MPM. We have a pass so we go all the time. This time it was just her and I so we just kind of wandered around and goofed off. I thought we were going to get in trouble for running and skipping through the Old Milwaukee area. We spent almost a half hour in the butterfly exhibit. We mostly just talk. Joke and riff on different topics and sometimes it gets deeper. I have truly grown to love Milwaukee and all the rich things it has to offer.

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