On the Road…



A few years ago my wife and I were driving to a relative’s house. We were chatting away when she noticed I had suddenly gotten really quiet. She looked at me and saw I was staring down the freeway looking very focused. She followed my gaze to see a random tire bouncing around the road ahead of us, flying about 4 feet in the air after each bounce. All those years of playing video games kicked in at that moment and after carefully observing the movement of the tire I swerved and slammed down the gas pedal hoping the tire would continue its current trajectory. We made it past without harm and continued on our way.

After putting the incident behind us we struck back up our conversation and about 30 minutes later we started hearing a terrible sound. Driving an older car, we started worring that something was wrong with the car. We turned down the radio and listened to the scraping sound that kept getting louder and louder. I was looking at all the gauges, monitoring the car’s temp, RPMs and even gas level when I felt my wife tapping on my arm. This time I followed her gaze to see a shower of sparks up the road a little ways. As we got closer we both realized at the same time what was happening. A truck, going 65 miles an hour, was pulling a trailer behind it. The trailer was missing a tire and the tireless axel was dragging across the pavement throwing a rainbow of sparks behind it.

This isn’t exactly that but… SECURE YOUR TRAILERS PEOPLE!



And speaking of hurling oneself down the road with reckless abandon, there’s this maniac…



Have a good weekend and stay safe out there.