Not Out of the Woods Yet



Still in series. Still in a bit of a funk. I do have to say, I have really been productive. Maybe that’s part of my problem? I am going to disconnect a little more from social media. I don’t install facebook or twitter on my phone in an attempt to limit my usage but I just end up using the browser to check it. I often get sucked into a youtube hole just watching video after stupid video until I eventually pass out.

So this drawing is a bit more specific. I’ve been taking more reference pictures and going for longer walks. This one is based on a picture I took while on a walk in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. It is a fairly small town that does not live up to its name. I was really excited the first time I visited because I love waterfalls. There is a dam. No waterfalls. We went on a vacation once as a kid where we just went to a bunch of state and national parks visiting different waterfalls. I still cherish those memories. It is funny, while I really loved going to Disney World and other theme parks it is the random national park and cave exploring vacations that really stick with me. I even remember being bored out of my gourd while we were there but now I look back with fondness.