I’ve been sleeping on this…


I bought an Apple product and received 6 free months of Apple Music. I wasn’t really interested but figured I wouldn’t let it go to waste so I activated it. I first started building a playlist on my phone and I was surprised when I opened my computer to find the playlist was also ready to listen to there. It was pretty neat but not that impressive, I’ve been using Spotify and that basically does the same thing. Then last night I was at the gym and didn’t want to listen to the limited music I have on my phone. I remembered the new Silk Sonic album dropped and I have been obsessed with “Leave the Door Open” so I opened iTunes and sure enough it was there, no ads, just ready to go.

I have to say I am totally on board now. It really was nice to be able to access anything. I’ve run into the problem on Spotify where musicians I like don’t have music on there but I don’t have a premium account so that could be part of my problem. So far everything I’ve wanted has been on there. Now whether or not I’ll continue the service once the free trial is over remains to be seen.