It’s all in my h e a d. . .



I woke up a couple nights ago to a persistent, high-pitched ringing. My wife was asleep and the dog was motionless so I was confused as to what was happening. It was so loud but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I got out of bed and slammed into the dresser. The dog heard that and jumped out of bed. It took me a second to get my bearings. Actually, it took quite a few seconds. I slowly made my way to the bathroom and turned on the light. The ringing was coming from  i n s i d e  m Y  H E A D!!! Yeah, it’s that time of year, when all the snow starts melting and all the decayed leaves and whatnot that have been hidden all winter start wreaking havoc with my allergies. My ear was completely clogged leaving me nearly deaf and a little dizzy. I’m kind of used to it but this seemed worse than usual.

I went to sleep on the couch, as to not disturb my wife, and when she woke me in the morning her voice sounded tinny and strange. I figured it must be time for a firmware update. When I attempted to stand I went straight for the floor. I grabbed my phone, called into work and immediately booked an appointment at the clinic.

Everything went as well as it could have. I don’t have COVID, which is nice, but I do have an inner ear infection. Hopefully my eardrum won’t rupture. I have spent 36 of the last 48 sleeping so I apologize for the lack of content. Until I can get back on my feet, literally, the site might be a bit quiet.