Inktober 2020…Day 10: Hope



Nashville Hot Chicken drives me crazy. I want to go to Nashville for the sole purpose to feast on their chicken. At this point, the only thing I am sure of is that it includes chicken, pickles and some kind of spicy sauce. I have read that it is an oily sauce that is somewhat like but definitely not buffalo wing sauce. I have tried it at 5 or 6 different restaurants and every time it is different and never like what I have read. I’ve tried it at high end restaurants and chains, only to be given what is essentially a buffalo chicken sandwich…until now.

There is a new place that opened called The Hot House Tavern. My nephew agreed to watch the kids so my wife and I had a date night. Any date night is generally a good night but this one turned out really great. The place was trendy, awash with 20-somethings clad in skinny jeans and floppy beanies, luckily, we dined on the early side before it got too crowded. Their beer list was a bit of a letdown but their Hot Chicken was really great. It was just like what I have read about. Spicy, thin and somewhat oily and down right delicious. It was not a disappointment at all. I am looking forward to having my leftovers tonight. After a nice dinner out I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my nephew finishing up this drawing.



We talked and worked on our drawings while listing to music way too late into, what turned into, the morning hours. I finished this and he made some really good progress on something he had been thinking about for a long time. It was fun talking shop with the kid. I don’t get to do that very often anymore. Long past are the nights of hanging out in under-lit bars, spilling beer and pontificating on the brilliance of this artist or that.

I spent a bit more time on this one because I achieved my goal for Inktober. I set out to do at least 10 drawings and this makes 10. I’m not done yet. I figure I can get in least a couple more. I had one part of this drawing that I really liked…



It doesn’t seem like much but something about the hatch really appealed to me and seemed like something an artist better than myself would draw. That is what I like about Inktober. I am forced to try things and work faster than I normally might and sometimes that leads to results I couldn’t normally achieve. Happy accidents as someone once said.