Inktober 2020…Day 3: Bulky



This is one I wasn’t sure about. I started thinking about it while I was finishing up the wisp but really didn’t know what I was going to do. I let the word rattle around in my head while we enjoyed our weekend away. We decided to visit a pumpkin patch and get some pumpkins. We were in the middle of nowhere. This wasn’t some touristy, roadside suburban pumpkin stand, oh no, we had to tromp through the mud and find our pumpkins. The pumpkin patches were surrounded by corn fields, tall grasses and other farmland…



I off-handedly made a joke to my wife about how it would be a good place to dispose of a body and I then knew how I was going to handle “bulky.”



Huh, that got dark quick. Sometimes I’m a little disturbed by my sense of humor too. I might turn this into a greeting card. I haven’t figured out the exact phrasing yet but something along the lines of, “Just so you know, I’d totally help you hide a body.” You know something you might give a friend to cheer them up when they are feeling down.