Haworthia progress is really starting to draggggg….



Holy cow! This sticker has become a behemoth. The other stickers really sailed along. Even the snake plant went quicker than this. Getting everything to come together is taking more and more time. Masking and touchups have started becoming excruciating.



I haven’t done this much masking since initially learning Photoshop in college. The process has been very slow. For all the time I made up in the beginning I am paying double or even quadruple now. The time I saved with the ink cleanup I am having to use for the merging of colors. The worst part of it is I have a sneaking suspicion that the final product is going to be crap. Only time will tell I guess.

In other news, I stumbled upon my next little project. I have rambled before about my love for Gravity Falls. I’ve wanted to do something with it as a theme but nothing has really felt right. This weekend my daughter started a project of her own. She is making pins out of bottle caps. As soon as I saw them I knew this was going to be perfect for Gravity Falls.



I needed to take a little break from the Haworthia so I started some sketches to get a feel for the characters. It really was the fun little break that I needed. I am going to keep pushing forward on the succulents but this might be the break I need to keep motivated.