Happy Valentine’s Day


Haven’t really done a breakdown of a project in a while and this was a fun, spur-of-the-moment project. It all started when my youngest got a little notebook. It was waste from a work project. We have to waste a few products when setting up for printing and sometimes I will grab one of these castoffs and give it to my kids, or even keep them for myself depending on the product. This had 3 or 4 of our client’s logo printed on it all in different overlapping positions. Nothing too big just really messy. She asked of I could make her a sticker of a heart to put over it.



While I was putting together the weekly shopping list I started doing little sketches. The sketches became progressively more complex and I settled on a design and drawing. It was an interesting little stone heart.



I decided to do a little more with it. I was going to clean it up and get it ready for printing anyway so why not make some Valentine’s Day cards. I haven’t sent anything out lately so why not send out some cards. I scanned the drawing and scanned some colored pencil swatches and rebuilt it in the computer.



I had the font picked out before I even scanned it. It is one of those fonts that I really like but every time I go to use it in a project it just doesn’t really fit. It really worked for this one though. It took a few minor adjustments but I printed up the cards, some extra stickers and the envelopes for the mailing. I had to rush this a little to get it out on time but I was happy with how they turned out.



If you really like them I’m selling them for $5 per 10 cards and envelopes. I will customize the inside for an additional $2, otherwise they are blank inside. Hit me up at jerry@knitdogproductions.com if you are interested.

Happy Valentine’s Day.