Halloween Preparedness



Started work on some Halloween stuff. My measurements were a bit off but it worked as a proof of concept. My wife decided she wanted to go as Coraline for Halloween. I think it was just an excuse to get that nice yellow raincoat she has been talking about for the last two months.



She went back and forth on wether or not she was going as Hermione or Coraline so she originally bought a cheap Griffindor costume that came with some glasses. I cut out some buttons and got crazy with the hot glue. I’m just wondering, does everyone have a hot glue gun handy or is that just me?



The buttons turned out pretty sweet. I was really happy with how they turned out. The only problem was…



They were way too big. But they were very sturdy, even with just a little hot glue. So I have to resize them and take another run at it tomorrow. All is not lost though. I still really like the buttons so I put a couple of magnetic strips on the back and now we have some cool refrigerator magnets.


As for something I ran across…