Getting a little ink down.



Ok, so I might change my mind but the new Weekend album is pretty good. Dawn FM was a fun listen. I haven’t really been a fan of The Weekend. I’ve heard a few of his songs, and they were ok, but not really anything that caught my attention; however, one of the websites I frequent gave the new album a glowing review so I thought I’d check it out. I listened to it while running and ended up adding a few minutes to my cool down so I could finish it.



That was only one listening, so I might change my mind because it usually takes me a few listens to get a feel for an album. Some albums fall apart on that first listen, I’m looking at you Sonic Silk, while most have parts that bug me but I often soften to over time, DJ Shadow’s The Mountain Will Fall falls into that category. Often the latter become some of my favorite albums. So now that I’m getting to some inking I’m looking forward to spending some more time taking in Dawn FM, we’ll see how I feel about it in a week or two.