Gastly Sketches


I really dislike the character design of the gastly but I like the idea behind it, if that makes sense. There is something about the way the eyes are just hanging off the edge that drives me crazy. It’s like they suddenly become 2 dimensional even though the rest of the eyes imply they are 3 dimensional, both sunken into the body while clearly pushing outward. I started doing some preliminary sketching which has slowly become the start to the next sticker/bookmark…



I have a couple concerns for this drawing though. First, it is stylistically different from the other drawings I have done. I think I will be able to color it in a way that ties it to the other pieces. The other concern is I don’t know how it will be received. I am still a bit gun-shy after my last sticker. My friend was rather nonplussed by the magikarp. I was fairly happy with the magikarp, until that happened. Then one of his criticisms was echoed by my wife. She doesn’t know anything about Pok√©mon, she just saw the sticker on the table and made brief comment. I think I would have welcomed it if it weren’t just mentioned a few hours earlier as a criticism. Regardless, I am moving forward trying to make another piece. So far I’m cautiously optimistic.


And a little something I found on r/MildlyVandalised