Flowery Disposition




Finished these flowers. Yeah they just needed one more night to push them a little further. There are some areas I really like. I’m not sure where I am going next. I have a couple directions in mind which means I have my next two drawings planned but I’m not sure which I want to do next. One of them is plant based. It should be fun and quick so I’m thinking I will do that but we will see what mood I’m in tonight.

The weather has started to actually change. The chances of a random freeze and snow are going down daily. This is Wisconsin so there is always a possibility but right now the evenings are perfect for running. I’ve had two really great runs in a row. I don’t mind running on a treadmill but just heading out into the night is really satisfying. Helps with my mood too. Things have been a little bananas lately so good runs with good tunes always make things a bit easier to handle.