Finishing up and a visit from the Easter Bunny



The Easter Bunny brought me this little guy…



Been taking it easy lately but my drawing is almost there. I am tempted to say it is done but I am going to give it one more night’s work. It always helps to see it here. For what ever reason, I am able to see it a little differently. It makes it easier to evaluate and see what needs more work.



It’s crunch time now. I have to get this and two more drawings done by this weekend. Really before then because I have to print them on wood before the weekend. It is getting tight but I think I can pull it off. The thing I’m really worried about is whether or not my drawings of the kids are going to work out. I’m trying to use textures and pattern for them and I don’t know if it will work. It kinda works in my head but that almost never translates to the real world. We will wait and see.