Finished geometry and a little crunked-up branding




Finished everything up. Got some new pens so I blew through a crunked up logo. As a way of blowing off steam, I knocked this out really quick. Cleaned it up a little just so it would vectorize well and then made some stickers…



Didn’t want to put too much time into it, the whole point was to have it be a little, I don’t know, dirty or somethin’. Those turned out to be some really fine lines so I was limited in how small I could recreate them. I really had fun doing them. I wanted to do some drawing last night but the in-laws are in town and that just gets awkward.



Look at that edge… I like my drawings neat so this was a little bit of a challenge for me. See in the “K” where those lines get a little too close and fill in? Drives me nuts, but I am actually liking it on this piece. I slapped a sticker on my coffee mug but it doesn’t really gel that well. I’m sure it will pop up on one of my next projects though.