Finally Made a T-Shirt I Actually Like!



I have to say I am pretty stoked. We have a t-shirt printer at work and while we were making some progress learning how it worked, our results were disappointing. We just tried some new pre-treated shirts and that changed everything. With this development I really started trying to figure out what I wanted to put on a shirt. I came up with this…



It is a simple yet interesting design I did a while ago. It was inspired by Ukiyo-e art so I went to Google translate and threw “knit” and “dog” in the bottom corner. I know it probably actually translates as “umbilical” “fur animal” but honestly I’m not that worried about it. If there are any Japanese readers out there I would appreciate a better translation.



The picture kind stinks but it actually turned out pretty great. I know it is good because I printed two and as soon as I got home and showed my family, my oldest grabbed one and ran away with it. Even more surprising was when my wife asked if I could print one for her. That is truly high praise.