Finally Finished


Finally finished this one. Too bad the picture is so lousy. All in all it didn’t turn out too bad. Just have to figure out what to draw next. I’ve been so busy with work it is hard to find the time to do anything especially draw. It could be worse though. I’m getting some overtime which is nice and just having a job is always a good thing. It is easy to complain when things are going well and you loose sight of how things could be.
I have to admit I’ve been neglecting my friends. I have been focusing on family. It seems like things are working out too. The girls wanted to color and play with Play Doh this weekend so I was able to finish this drawing while enjoying my coffee. 
All-in-all it was a pretty good weekend. I didn’t work as much as I should have, which is probably why my weekend was so good. We went apple picking on Saturday and on Sunday we took the girls horseback riding. Horseback riding was a surprising thing that really turned out well. A guy at work has a few horses and his daughter is learning how to ride and jump them. A side note now, I have no understanding or experience with the equine lifestyle so I do not know the preferred nomenclature. My oldest is in second grade so I figured she would do really well, but the toddler was probably going to be a handful. Turns out they both did great. I had to take the youngest and feed her treats because she was so upset when it was time to go.
Well back to work.
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