One of the most frustrating things as a parent is a virus. There is nothing you can do for a virus. If you go to the doctor, you pay a couple hundred dollars to find out all you can do is wait until it runs its course. You can treat the fever and other symptoms but really it is just a waiting game until the real problem has passed. Occasionally a fever is caused by something else, like an infection. The problem with that is often it is hard to find an infection until it has gotten so bad that other major problems start popping up. I guess what I’m trying to say is the fever isn’t the problem. If all you do is deal with the fever, nothing is actually going to change. You have to find out what is causing the fever and deal with that. If you don’t deal with the causes, fevers will continue and eventually get worse. Unfortunately, sometimes to deal with a problem all you can do is wait it out.

Oh, and check out this guy Irina Blok. He is a guy who puts googly eyes on logos for fun…

source: boredpanda.com