I think I mentioned this frame before but I was thinking about it and the way my thinking has changed over the last couple years. I, like most people I think, am afraid of failure. It is just disappointing when something doesn’t work out. Art can be especially disappointing when you have been working on something for hours, days or even longer and it falls apart. For a long time I let that fear drive the art projects that I did. Now I’m messing up and failing all the time! I’ve been trying to just do things, and I’ve had mixed results. I’ve learned so much about creating and moving past the failures.



This frame was my latest failure. I don’t know how I would have handled it in the past but now I am just happy with how much I learned. Although it didn’t work out, some of it was successful and that is what I am taking away from it. I am using the successful elements and applying them to the parts that didn’t work. For a long time I wasn’t open to trial and error but now I’ve tried to build it into my process. I’ve also started noticing how often things are successful on the first or second go-around. I think this might be what some people would call personal growth. If only I could apply it to some of the other areas of my life.