Changing Focus



Mailings have started and I’m ready to move on. I wanted to move in a different direction. I once said, “Gifting a cactus is one of the most passive aggressive moves one can make.” I love cactuses for how they look and grow but I hate owning them. No mater how careful I am I always end up with a finger full of spines. I’ve decided to make some that are a little less dangerous.



This is what spurred (ha ha!) the idea. I have some textures and abstract drawings that I wanted to do something with and using a cactus as a canvas seemed like an interesting direction to go. I’m going to riff on these for a little bit. The cactus stands about 7″ tall and I printed it on a 14pt Poly paper. It is plastic you might find a restaurant menu printed on. I made a dieline that folds up into this. The first couple were prototypes I made to work out the details.