Lunch Bag – TwoFer

By on Jul 19, 2017

  The last few lunchbags I’ve done have been pretty bad so I didn’t even post them. My daughter has a field trip today so I took a little extra time and made a nice one. She was pretty excited when she saw it. She was trying to guess what I drew saying things like, “Ugh, it’s probably Moana…” I was starting to think maybe I should stop doing them, but when she saw it she actually squealed. Then she began to frown. I asked her why she was upset and she told me she wanted to keep it. I think that is why I like doing the lunchbags. There is something nice about how they are disposable. They are fleeting and temporary except for a photo. It is something special that I do for my daughter that is only for her and not long for the world.

Lunch Bag – Moana’s Pua

By on Mar 22, 2017

My oldest has a field trip today to see the Symphony. My girls are currently obsessed with Moana and I needed something quick so Pua was the answer. We had a minor crisis with our dog. Poor guy had a cyst on his leg rupture. There was lots of blood and crying. The crying was all done by my youngest who through her tears kept asking, “Is Zero get dead?”Zero didn’t seem to mind much. He didn’t cry or whimper so I’m hoping it wasn’t too painful. We were able to get him all cleaned up and stop the bleeding but the poor guy is getting old. I have to take him to the vet today and have everything checked out, but he should be just fine. It was a tense few hours trying to assess the damage and try to figure out how we should handle it. Nevertheless he is a tough old bugger. I did have to get up early to clean and dress his wound so I wasn’t able to...