Busy Week


This video kind of sums up the lessons I’ve learned this week. I have been so busy working on a project and it was exhausting. The thing is, it was a project for someone else. I was working away, pro bono, while never hearing a peep from the person I was working so hard for. I know this is vague so please excuse me if it doesn’t make sense. To put it simply, I felt taken advantage of. Every day I felt the resentment growing inside me. I talked to neutral parties hoping to find that I was missing something and that my resentment was unfounded but they all agreed with my assessment… which only made things worse!

After working and seething for a little over a week I met with the person with the completed project. I had so many things going through my head. Little one-liners and digs. Subtle and very passive aggressive. I had my bow pulled back as far as it would bend… but I stopped myself. I took an extra five minutes and just sat alone to clear my mind.

When I met with everyone I knew I was still radiating a weird energy but it wasn’t as angry or aggressive as it would have been. The project was a complete success. Seeing everyone’s joy helped me loosen up and enjoy the success of the project too. At the end of the day the person with whom I was so irritated pulled me aside and said some of the most glowing things he could have said. He made everything right and even full acknowledged all the things that made me feel resentful. I couldn’t help but feel grateful for those 5 minutes I took to center myself. When I saw that video I couldn’t help but think of how close I came to shooting myself with my own arrow.