Black Holes



Black Holes are fascinating and terrifying.


This Black Hole Is Really Taking Its Time Eating a Poor Star


In November of 2014, observers spotted a burst of light that they thought was a supernova but when astrophysicist Anna Payne started analyzing the data she noticed that the burst was reoccurring every 114 days. In other words, it wasn’t a supernova. It was something else. Click Here for the whole article.



Not 100% sure what a black hole actually is? Check out this informative article from NASA, which includes a nifty Guide to Black Hole Safety. Click Here for the full article.


But what if you did fall into a black hole?




And now that you know a little more about them, you might be happy to know that they are actually alot easier to create than we originally thought. Click Here to learn more.



Wouldn’t it be crazy if some deranged scientist were actually trying to create a black hole? Turns out there are a bunch of scientists that are trying to do just that. They have even been able to create one in the lab to test some of Stephen Hawking’s theories. What could possibly go wrong? Click here to find out more.