As time marches on, as does the progress



I’m really starting to get somewhere now. Man there are alot of triangles! A few other shapes too but mostly triangles. I keep going through bursts where I cover a bunch of ground in a few minutes only to follow it up with what feels like just spinning my wheels. I did spend a nice Saturday morning just sipping coffee and coloring.



I know what I’m going to draw next but for whatever reason I feel intimidated. Did I mention this before? It is a fairly simple drawing but I really want to get it right so I am a little worried about it. Seems weird to be worried about a drawing. As a way of procrastinating I started a little gap-project to work on next. Just a little branding. You can see it just kinda hiding on the right edge of the picture above.



I ordered some new pens that should arrive today. I just realized Inktober is right around the corner and all my pens suck. I am trying to encourage my daughter to draw and part of that is sharing my art supplies. I don’t know when I started fetishizing art supplies but they are special to me. They are my precious. Too much?